Tissu & Co offers an A0 format printing service for your digital sewing patterns. No more gluing pages and pages of A4 sheets!

Do you have a digital pattern that you'd like to have printed in A0 format?

Here's a guide to help you place your order:

  1. Search your digital pattern collection for the pattern you'd like to have printed. Check that your pattern has an A0 printable version (also known as "Copyshop" format) and count the number of pages your pattern has in this format.

  1. Place an order on the online shop for the printing of your pattern, indicating the name of the pattern (For example: Nout trousers - I Am Patterns) and the number of pages contained in the file. Please note that some A0 patterns are made up of several pages. If you choose the wrong number of pages, your pattern will not be printed!

  1. Place your order as usual - you can of course add other products to your basket! If you would like to print more than one pattern, please follow the same procedure for each pattern.

  1. Once you have confirmed your order, email us your pattern file in A0 format, quoting your order number.

  1. As soon as we receive your order and your pattern, we will check the file and print your pattern. If you have any doubts or problems, we will contact you


How much does the printing service cost?

The price per page (A0 sheet) is 6.00 Fr for printing in black and white or colour. If your digital pattern has more than one page, the price of each additional page is 4.00 Fr.

What type of paper do you use?

We print on 80 g/m² coated paper.

What format do you print in?

We only print in A0 format (dimensions: 84.1 cm x 118.9 cm). If your pattern exceeds these dimensions in length (length exceeds 118.9 cm), please place your order for 2 pages. If your pattern exceeds these dimensions in width (width exceeds 84.1 cm) your pattern cannot be printed. If in doubt, please contact us before placing your order.

Do you print in black and white only?

We print in black and white or in colour, depending on the original colour of the A0 format of your sewing pattern. In other words, if the file you send us is in colour, we will print it in colour; if it is in black and white, it will be printed in black and white. Please note that we cannot print your pattern in colour if the original version is in black and white.

Do you also print the instruction booklet?

No, we only print patterns in A0 format.

How do I receive my pattern?

You can choose to have your pattern sent to you by post, like any other order from the shop. In this case, your pattern will be folded to A4 size. 

If you prefer to collect your order from our showroom in Rolle, your pattern will be delivered rolled up.

Can I come to the showroom with my USB key and have my pattern printed on the spot?

Unfortunately it is not possible for us to print on demand in the showroom. 

If you visit the showroom and would like to pick up your printed pattern, you have two options:

1- Place your order on the website and choose the delivery option "Pick Up Tissu & Co - Pick up at the showroom in Rolle".

2- You can also send us an email in advance, enclosing your pattern to be printed. We will contact you when your order is ready so that you can collect it from the showroom and pay for it there.

Please note that for both options your pattern will be delivered rolled up.

I want to print several patterns at the same time, how do I do this?

Follow the instructions described above for each pattern and send us the A0 files of your patterns in a single email (one email per order). If you prefer to send us the files separately, that's fine, but don't forget to include the order number.

Isn't there a more direct way to place my order without having to send you an email with the files?

We'd like to make the ordering process much simpler, with just a few clicks, for example by offering you the option of downloading your pattern directly when you place your order. But unfortunately, all the options we've tried so far haven't produced the results we'd like. We're still looking for solutions!

I'd like to print just one size (for example, size 38). Is this possible?

Unfortunately, this is not possible, as it indicates a manipulation (on your part or ours) that may result in printing at the wrong scale.

My pattern doesn't have an A0 version. Can you print it in large format?

If your pattern is only available in A4, unfortunately we cannot convert it to A0.

But first check the files you received when you purchased the pattern, as most digital patterns are available in several versions. In some cases, the large format versions are also called "Copyshop".

What happens to my pattern after I send it by email? 

We retrieve your file to print your pattern but please note that once printed, your pattern is automatically deleted from our servers and email service.

Do you sell digital patterns?

No, we do not sell digital patterns. We only offer a printing service for your own digital patterns. But if you prefer a paper version, we have a number of patterns from different brands available in the shop.


  • If for any reason you would like to cancel your order, you can do so as long as your order is not being processed. Once printing has started, it is no longer possible to cancel your order.
  • There are no returns or refunds possible for the printing service.
  • We do our utmost to give you a quality service, but if you notice an error on our part, please let us know within 7 days of receiving your order.
  • Please note that we automatically delete any patterns sent to us after they have been printed. 

If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us by email

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